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Published on 21/10/24
Author: Ben Nimmegeers
356 trains   14 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9
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This scenario simulates the Antwerp - Mol line (line 15) with branch lines to Aarschot/Leuven (line 16) and the branch line towards Turnhout (line 29). At Lier, the line from Kontich-Lint joins (line 13). Line 15 and 16 are dubble-track lines electrified with 3 kV. Line 29 is a single track line with crossing at Tielen. Line 13 is a short single track line to connect Lier with the main line from Antwerp to Brussels. The (diesel) lines that branch from the main lines are also included (such as line 207 and the connection to Umicore Olen).

Notes on running the simulation

All signals are self made! It shows what the signals in Belgium look like and it will behave like real. There are some intermediate signals to help the user. All other actions must me made by the player, there are no scripts in the sch file to help. At Turnhout some trains need to be split and merged in the yard (= bundel).

The time table is for winter 2021/2022. The services that runs on this scenario are

  • IC Antwerp - Turnhout
  • IC Antwerp - Mol - Hamont
  • IC Antwerp - Aarschot - Leuven
  • IC Antwerp - Hasselt
  • IC Binche - Brussels - Turnhout
  • L Antwerp - Leuven
  • S33 Antwerp - Mol
  • Various peak hour trains
  • Real freight services



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