Train Director - Ferrovie Nord - Saronno, Como, Varese, Novara, Malpensa


Simulation: Ferrovie Nord - Saronno, Como, Varese, Novara, Malpensa

Published on 21/12/7
Author: Andrea Colombo
554 trains   51 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9.5
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This simulation covers the Ferrovie Nord's lines that branch out of the Saronno station towards the Milan Malpensa airport, Novara FN, Como Nord Lago, Varese-Laveno.

All lines are electrified with 3000 Vdc.

Shunting of rolling stock has been limited to the Varese station. Still, it's been necessary to add some empty rolling stock transfer trains.

All lines follow a clock-fixed schedule, but rolling stock assignments have been left to the player. It is advisable to assign the rolling stock as soon as a train arrives at its final destination, otherwise the next train might be considered derailed.

The author wishes to thank the people who tested the scenario and pointed out various problems.



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