Train Director - Milano Centrale 2020


Simulation: Milano Centrale 2020

Published on 21/06/12
721 trains   1 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9.1
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This scenario simulates the Milan Central station, including the yards for storing the locomotives.
It requires version 3.9.1 or higher of Train Director, and the RFI Signals package version 4.6, 5.0 or higher.
At the start of the simulation, click on the X at the lower-right side of the layout to enable automatic signals. Do not use the program's menu to enable automatic signals.

Unlike other simulations, this scenario requires the creation of the arrival or departure path before allowing clearing of the arrival/departure signals.
Therefore it is necessary first to clear the dwarf signals all the way to the head of the station (or to the exit, for departing trains) and then clear the high signal.

Note that all for all incoming/outgoing lines (except those from/to Milano Greco Pirelli) the 2 tracks of the lines can be used either for incoming or outgoing trains (rather than the standard of incoming trains traveling on the left-hand track and outgoing on the right-hand track). Clicking on the white arrows switches the intended diretion of a track. There is no penalty for trains exiting on the non-standard track.

The simulation uses the december 2019 timetable, before the Coronavirus cancellations. Start time is 4:40. For Sunday, Ctrl-K can be used to skip to the time when traffic begins, since there are no trains for a while.



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Part 1
   Milano C.le - Domodossola