Train Director - Roma - Napoli (tratta Roma - Minturno-Scauri)


Simulation: Roma - Napoli (tratta Roma - Minturno-Scauri)

Published on 21/06/19
Author: Ivano Auletta
250 trains   22 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9.5
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Rome-Naples via Formia-Gaeta line, Rome-Minturno section. Winter 2020/2021 timetable

This scenario simulates the Rome - Minturno-Scauri section of the Rome-(Formia-Gaeta)-Naples line, also known as the Direttissima Rome-Naples.

One of the fundamental lines by Italian railway company RFI, it's a double-track line electrified at 3 kV, with traditional and SCMT signaling. The line was completed in 1927; it was built to create a fast connection between Rome and Naples, as an alternate line to the pre-existing Rome-(Cassino)-Naples. At the moment, two lines branch from the mail line, both single-track: one towards Nettuno, the other towards Terracina (this latter one stopped operations in 2012, thus it's not included in the scenario).

The entire scenario has been created using satellite images from Google Earth, using YouTube cabrides, and using the official RFI line booklet 117. The timetable is for Winter 2020/2021, specifically from Monday 22 to Sunday 28, March 2021.



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