Train Director - Aberdeen


Simulation: Aberdeen

Published on 18/5/21
292 trains   30 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9
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This simulation covers the area around the cities of Aberdeen and Dundee, including

  • the eastern portion of Aberdeen and Inverness Line;
  • the northern portion of East Coast Northern Line;
  • the very end of Scottish Central Main Line at Dundee.

    Almost all of the area is covered by two-track running, however, there are notable exceptions to this. The schedule is built using the May 2020 version of Working Timetable (WTT), with some adjustments and clarifications, especially regarding empty stock movements within Aberdeen station, as well as which platforms are actually in use, as the original platform indications proved to be mutually conflicting.

    This simulation links with Inverness area, and it is also expected that in the future this simulation should link with Perth area to the west and Fife area to the south.

    The scenario requires installing the U.K. Signaling package.



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