Train Director - Nodo/Hub di Acqui Terme


Simulation: Nodo/Hub di Acqui Terme

Published on 21/5/2
Author: Paolo Gronchi
264 trains   35 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9
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This simulation is about the lines converging on the station of Acqui Terme, in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Each line's extension is variable, covering a good part of the section between the station of Acqui and the connected stations. Specifically, the simulation covers the line Genoa-Acqui (limited to the section Ovada-Acqui), the line Savona-Alessandria (limited to the section between Cantalupo and S. Giuseppe di Cairo), a short section of the Turin-Savona line, converging on the station of S. Giuseppe di Cairo, the line Acqui Terme-Asti (limited to the section between Acqui and Nizza Montferrat), and a short section of the freight line Genoa-Ovada-Alessandria, and the now-defunct line Alessandria-Nizza Montferrat- Castagnole Lanze (section Cantalupo - Nizza Montferrat).

All lines are electrified with 3000 V DC, except the line Alessandria-Castagnole Lanze, which is not electrified; therefore it's necessary to use the latest version of the program, which supports multiple traction systems. The rare double-track sections use the Automatic Block system, with an easy way to invert the direction of traffic without having to operate on each signal. To use this feature without getting penalties, version 3.9.2 and the latest version of the Italian signals package, version 5.1.

Considering the geographical extent of the scenario, most of the screen real estate is used by the tracks, and only itinerary buttons that clear multiple-sections paths have been placed on the layout (usually transits in stations on the main branch platforms), along with those buttons for the most used itineraries. Use the Ctrl-I command to select other itineraries, which are still defined in the simulation.

Notes on running the simulation

This simulation can be played by all kinds of players, although beginners may be overwhelmed by the presence of a freight yard with a lot of action and by single-track lines where you need to handle crossing traffic at the various stations along each line.

Freight traffic is present throughout the day, and requires split, merge and inversion operations at the S. Giuseppe di Cairo and Acqui Terme stations.

Passenger traffic does not follow a cyclic schedule, thus crossing traffic may occur at different stations along the various lines.



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Part 1
   Genova P. Principe - Genova Borzoli
Part 2
   Genova Borzoli - Campo Ligure - Masone
Part 3
   Campo Ligure - Masone - Molare
Part 4
   Molare - Acqui Terme