Train Director - Benevento (1991)


Simulation: Benevento (1991)

Published on 20/11/13
Author: Paolo Gronchi
230 trains   48 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9
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This simulation is about the lines converging on the station of Benevento, in Southern Italy.

The simulation includes the lines Naples-Caserta-Benevento-Foggia (in the Valle di Maddaloni to Corsano section), the line Benevento-Campobasso (up to the Santa Croce sul Sannio station) and the initial section of the Avellino-Rocchetta S. Antonio line.

The lines Naples-Foggia and Cancello-Benevento are electrified with 3000 V D.C., while the other lines and a portion of the Benevento depot are not electrified. It is therefore necessary to use a recent version of Train Director which supports handling different motive power systems. On the few double-track sections it's operating the Automatic Block System with the possibility of inverting the traffic flow for several blocks without having to turn the individual signals off. To fully use this feature without accumulating penalty points caused by missed itinerary selections, it is necessary to use the 3.9.1 version of Train Director.

Due to the large geographic extent of the scenario, the biggest part of the real estate is filled by the tracks; only buttons for pass-through itineraries that open multiple blocks simultaneously and those most frequently used have been placed on the layout.

This scenario requires version 4.7 or later of the RFI signals package for its correct operation.

Since rail traffic has been dramatically reduced (when not cancelled altogether) by Trenitalia, the simulation uses the 1991 timetable; the icons for the rolling stock is also from that era.

To better describe the scenario in its geographic context, here's a brief description of the various lines

  • Naples-Foggia (via Caserta) line - electrified line, partially double-track, the remaining single-track, identified by the entry/exit points VDM/FGD (odd-numbered trains) and FGP/VDM (even-numbered trains). It goes west-east between Caserta and Foggia (and vice-versa).
  • Naples-Benevento (via Cancello) line - single-track, electrified line identified by the CAN entry/exit point that follows the Valle Caudina Naples-Cancello-Benevento path. This line is currently operated by the EAV company, but in 1991 it was managed by Trenitalia.
  • Benevento-Avellino-Mercato S.Severino line - single-track line with diesel traction identified by the MSS entry/exit point which follows the north-south route between Benevento and Avellino.
  • Benevento-Bosco Redole-Campobasso line - single track line with diesel traction identified by the BR entry/exit point that follows the south-north route between Benevento and Santa Croce del Sannio. Currently the line is managed by the FS Foundation for historical trains only.
  • Avellino-Rocchetta S.Antonio line - single track line with diesel traction identified by the RSA entry/exit point that follows the west-east route out of Avellino.



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