Train Director - Cuneese 2019


Simulation: Cuneese 2019

Published on 20/08/11
Author: Gilberto Zara
276 trains   24 stations
Train Director Version: 3.8u
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Simulation of the Cuneese lines.

This simulation is about the network of railway lines in the area between Turin and Cuneo, which includes portion of the Turin-Savona line.

This is an update of the existing Cuneese scenario by Paolo Gronchi, with an updated 2019 timetable an a few changes to the layout to account for discontinued lines.

There are several passenger trains on both the Turin-Cuneo and Turin-Savona main lines, plus several freight trains that arrive in Cuneo and need to be reassigned to their departing peer. When possible, the assignment is done automatically thorugh scripts, as long as the train arrives at the correct track.

Note that the section between Fossano and Cuneo is a single track line, and it has to accomodate a lot of traffic. As customary, precedence should be given to passenger trains, as in reality most freight trains don't cross or yield to other traffic in the predetermined station. It's the CTC's job to keep the traffic moving smoothly, even when freight train arrive or depart late.

The following logical lines contribute traffic to the simulation

- Turin Metropolitan traffic Line 4 - Turin Stura - Alba; Line B Cavallermaggiore, Bra; Line 7 Turin Stura - Fossano

- Regional trains; Turin P. Nuova - Cuneo; Turin P. Nuova - Savona - Ventimiglia; Savigliano - Saluzzo; Fossano - Cuneo - Limone - Ventimiglia

- Freight traffic; (Cuneo - Frosinone, Cuneo - Bologna; Cuneo - Porcari; to Busca; to Verzuolo)

- Other trains, such as single locomotives and empty rolling stock transfers from Turin Smistamento depot.



Part 1
   Torino P.N. - Carmagnola
Part 2
   Carmagnola - Genola
Part 3
   Genola - Mondovi'
Part 4
   Mondovi' - Cosseria
Part 5
   Cosseria - Savona