Train Director - Napoli-Salerno 2021


Simulation: Napoli-Salerno 2021

Published on 2/3/21
Author: Ivano Auletta
585 trains   22 stations
Train Director Version: 3.9
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This scenario is about the two main lines that connect the cities of Naples and Salerno, including the various secondary lines that branch off the main lines.

The first line, the historic Napoli-Battipaglia, considered as a fundamental line by RFI (the Italian nationwide railway company), is a double-track line electrified at 3 kV direct current, with both traditional and SCMT signaling. First railway section to enter service in Italy (from Naples to Portici), currently has a total of four branch lines: one with the Naples bypass, one to the Naples Traccia freight yard, one from Torre Annunziata Central goes to Castellammare di Stabia, and one single-track line that connects Nocera Inferiore to Codola and Mercato S. Severino.

The second section in the scenario is the Napoli - Salerno "by the Vesuvius", also double-track, electrified at 3 kV direct current, with both traditional and SCMT signaling. Opened in June 2008, with the objective of relieving the congested Naples hub of some traffic, it's been built following the model of high-speed lines, and it can be traveled at a maximum speed of 250 km/h. It has three branching lines: two connect it to the Rome-Naples high-speed line, making a sort of a triangle with the latter, and one that goes towards Cancello and Caserta. It shares with the historical line the traffic from Bivio/PC S. Lucia towards the Salerno station.

The entire scenario was created from satellite images as shown in Google Earth, with the help of line specs documents, and after numerous on-site inspections.



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